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Types of Partnerships
Let’s build a resilient, equitable world together.
Boomitra partners with NGOs around the world to help producers improve their lands and increase soil productivity. Our inclusive approach gives farmers, ranchers, and landowners of all sizes access to carbon finance, whether they're smallholder farmers with less than an acre of land or large conservancies. By working together, we can support local communities and build resilient ecosystems in the face of climate change.

Example 1: In Northern Mexico, we have partnered with Pronatura Noreste to help private ranchers and community-owned lands (ejidos) implement regenerative grazing practices. These practices restore regional soil health and increase carbon sequestration while creating healthier habitats for native birds.

Example 2: Boomitra has teamed up with the Farm-to-Market-Alliance (FtMA) in East Africa to launch a carbon farming project as part of the UN World Food Programme (WFP) Innovation Accelerator. The project is helping farmers of all land sizes to improve their soil, increase resilience, and access new economic opportunities through carbon markets.

Boomitra partners with grower organizations, co-ops, agronomists and other groups to support the adoption of regenerative practices such as crop residue reincorporation, cover crops, manuring/composting, and optimized irrigation. Boomitra’s remote sensing and AI technology allow organizations and the farmers they work with to access agronomy insights and carbon finance. Let us help you achieve your goal of improving agricultural practices while addressing climate change.

Example 1: KOAN, the Kenya Organic Agricultural Network, supports farmers in promoting organic farming through training, inputs, and market connections. With Boomitra, KOAN boosts these efforts by offering agronomic insights and carbon finance to adopt climate-smart agriculture, helping farmers become more resilient to climate change while mitigating emissions.

Example 2: Subhiksha is a farming collective in India that helps farmers transition to organic farming through volunteer-based training. Farm leaders are assigned to farmers to provide training, and with the help of Boomitra, Subhiksha offers carbon finance and advisory services through its AgTech platform.

Farmers and ranchers are your most important stakeholders - let us help you grow your existing business with them, through carbon finance. Our programs utilize tech-enabled agronomic insights to improve farming practices and provide direct income to you and your farmers through carbon credits. Make your supply chains more resilient in the face of climate change and help improve your farmer’s yields and reduce the cost of cultivation for farmers of any size.

Example 1: Yara partners with farmers in East Africa to improve land management and provide quality solutions, from inputs to mechanization. With Boomitra, Yara motivates farmers to adopt sustainable practices through carbon finance, and uses Boomitra’s technology for precision agriculture advice.

Example 2: DCM Shriram, a world-renowned sugar mill, is committed to sustainable sugarcane production. In collaboration with Boomitra, DCM Shriram aims to provide 500,000 farmers with carbon finance over the next 2 years to strengthen supply chains and enhance farmers’ livelihoods. Using Boomitra’s satellite and AI capabilities, DCM Shriram can monitor its farmers regularly and effectively.

Boomitra can help your company support the farmers in your supply chain to improve practices and sequester carbon, through cutting-edge monitoring and advisory. The sequestered carbon can either enable your farmers to improve their incomes through the international carbon markets or alternatively allow you to reduce your Scope 3 emissions and achieve your sustainability goals!

Example 1: Welspun, one of the leading cotton suppliers globally, partners with over 100,000 farmers in India. By collaborating with Boomitra, they aim to increase farmers’ revenue and promote sustainable cotton production. Welspun aims to build a sustainable supply chain through its partnership with Boomitra.

How it works
Partners equip farmers and ranchers to adopt improved land management practices, which increase soil carbon.
Farmers and partners receive the vast majority of every carbon credit soil.
Recycle Jar quantifies the increase in soil carbon with satellite and AI technology to generate third-party verified carbon removal credits.
Organizations purchase carbon credits to offset their carbon emissions and reach their sustainability goals.
Why Partner
Boomitra's technology-driven, scientifically vetted solutions empower farmers to take the lead in combatting global climate change.

Amplifying local solutions

Farmers and their partners are empowered to select the agricultural practices that are most appropriate for their local environments. When implementation leads to carbon sequestration, the resulting carbon finance is directly transferred to the partners and the farmers they support.

Equalizing carbon market access

Our innovative business model welcomes farmers and ranchers of any size (0.5 acres to 100,000+ acres), growing any type of crop, in any location around the world to participate in the carbon market.

Unlocking carbon removal

Our digital technology paves the way for gigatons of carbon removal. As a partner, you gain access to our suite of tools, including farmer and rancher onboarding apps, satellite and AI-powered soil monitoring, and agronomic insights dashboards.

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Project Partner Testimonials
"Carbon credits will create an extra revenue stream to smallholder farmers and enhance the extension services provided to farmers by Farmer Service Centers, which are critical to the adoption of climate-smart agricultural practices." –Antony Kweyu, Project Manager at PAFID
Boomitra builds relationships on the basis of trust, deep knowledge, and inclusivity in a streamlined ecosystem connecting carbon credit suppliers to buyers. We are an experienced team that values transparency and dialogue with our partners and farmers. Together, we can advance improved agricultural practices and mitigate climate change.

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