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We believe that with technology, we can unlock the full potential of natural systems to address climate change and protect life on Earth.

Story: The Beginning

Our roots are found in the heart of Bangladesh where Mangrove Meets the Mountains. Once upon a time in a bustling city Chittagong, there lived a person named Zia. He was passionate about environmental sustainability and deeply concerned about the devastating effects of climate change. Zia had a dream of leaving behind a livable planet for the next generation, and he was determined to turn that dream into reality.

As we see, Rising sea levels, desertification. Hollywood has always enjoyed imagining the end of the world. While blockbusters like this are clearly fiction. The real picture we have seen, the country we are staying now, Bangladesh, the country are real example of climate disaster and it is a laboratory of climate disaster event. Climate modeling shows us the weather but it doesn't show us the other effects on society. Rahman family came from an area in southern Bangladesh. There, like many other parts of the country, rivers swollen by heavier rain and melting Himalayan glaciers are washing away people's homes. Many, like us, have lost everything. Over 1.4 million people has been migrated in different parts of Bangladesh over last 30 years, we call it Climate Migration and Climate Refugee.

We realize that we have ecosystem loss. Species loss, We have this human health and we are getting less healthy. People realize this system is broken. Climate change isn't about the environment, its about racial justice as well, its about Social injustices, its about economic injustice.

Ziaur Rahman had a background in Finance and a strong desire to make a tangible difference in environment. He decided to start his journey by founding a Clean Tech startup called "Recycle Jar Ecosystem" The mission of Recycle Jar was to tackle climate change and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

With unwavering dedication and a heart full of hope, Rahman began assembling a team of like-minded individuals who shared her vision. Together, they set out to develop innovative carbon projects that not only reduced greenhouse gas emissions but also fostered harmony between humans and the environment.

The first project Recycle Jar initiated was an Agroforestry effort in a region that had suffered from deforestation due to climate change in coastal area. Rahman and his team worked tirelessly to secure partnerships with local communities, government agencies, and environmental organizations. They organized tree-planting events, engaged in community education, and provided sustainable livelihood opportunities for local residents.

The project not only restored forests but also sequestered a significant amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Recycle Jar was committed to measuring and verifying their impact accurately, ensuring transparency and trust among stakeholders. They even used innovative drone technology to monitor the growth and health of the newly planted trees, making sure their efforts were as effective as possible.

As Recycle Jar continued to grow and succeed, Rahman's organization expanded its portfolio to include various agroforestry projects, waste management, renewable energy initiatives, and sustainable urban planning. They advocated for climate-smart policies and collaborated with international partners to address global climate challenges.

Over the years, Recycle Jar's impact was felt not only in the regions they worked but also in the hearts and minds of people worldwide. Rahman and his founding team dedication and determination, along with his team's relentless efforts, were turning his dream of a livable planet for the next generation into a reality.

Journey of a
Climate Tech Startup

Recycle Jar Ecosystem has been founded 2020, initially start with the waste management sectors to Change the Idea of Waste. Recycle Jar Ecosystems is a social enterprise that Changes the Idea of Waste. We tackle the issue from many angles. We have found that nearly everything we touch can be recycled and collect typically non-recyclable items through national, first-of-their-kind recycling and reuse platforms. Contributing in the waste sectors ultimate goal was GHG reduction. Therefore, we enter in the carbon project development sectors. Our model ensures carbon markets and climate finance drive returns for farmers and ranchers. Through our network of global partners, we help farmers and ranchers adopt agroforestry and agricultural practices that increase carbon sequestration. Recycle Jar then quantifies the additional carbon captured and works with international partners to generate Verified Emission Removals (VERs), commonly referred to as carbon credits.

Recycle Jar Ecosystem sells the carbon credits to corporations and governments worldwide, enabling them to meet their sustainability goals. The majority of the proceeds from each carbon credit sold is given directly to the farmers, allowing them to re-invest in themselves and their communities.


"At Recycle Jar Ecosystem Ltd., our mission is to lead the way in combating climate change by developing innovative and sustainable carbon projects. We are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fostering a greener, more resilient world for current and future generations. Our core values of environmental stewardship, innovation, and collaboration guide us in our efforts to create effective solutions for a sustainable and low-carbon future. We strive to empower communities, industries, and governments to take meaningful actions in the fight against climate change, working together to achieve a healthier planet for all."


"Envisioning a World Transformed: At Recycle Jar Ecosystem Ltd., we envision a world where the threat of climate change has been decisively mitigated, and a sustainable, low-carbon future has become a reality. We see a planet where environmental harmony is restored, greenhouse gas emissions are drastically reduced, and communities and ecosystems thrive in balance. Our vision is to be a driving force in this transformation, pioneering innovative carbon projects and solutions that create lasting environmental and societal benefits. Through our work, we aim to inspire global change, leaving a legacy of hope, resilience, and a healthier world for generations to come."


Imagine A Greener World, A Cleaner World. A Nourishing, Healing, Benevolent World. Where Humans, Animals, and Plants Thrive. And Nature Restores and Comes Alive. Where Humanity Joins Hands to Gain, A World Safe, Pure, and Reassuring Again. That's The Dream We Dream Every Day.

Our Values


We are committed to providing an experience that makes a lasting positive impact on our communities and the climate. We approach our work with principled and moral character grounded in the common good.


Our climate requires a commitment to ingenuity and diverse efforts across all sides of our society. We seek to lead so that others may follow, taking calculated risks and exploring paradigm-shifting opportunities.


We believe that trust is essential to the development and growth of climate markets. We strive to conduct our operation with transparency and commitment to the highest standards.


We are a group living for something greater than ourselves. We act in service of a better planet, with determination toward meeting all UN Sustainable Development Goals, with emphasis on climate action.


Driven by Purpose

  • Ziaur Rahman
    Founder, Managing Director & CEO

      15+ Years Experience in Financial, RE, Waste, WASH & Climate Change

  • Md. Khayrul Alam Bhuiyan
    Chairman & COO

      30+ Years Experience in Forestration, 3R, Intrigrated Waste Management & Consultancy

  • Dr.Ashit Ranjan Paul
    Technical Advisor

      40+ Years of Experience in Forest Conservation & Development, Forest Policy, NRM, Food Security

  • Nasim Azziz
    Director, Nature Based Solutions

      26+ Years Experience in Forestry, REDD+, NBS, NRM, Monitoring & Inventory, Climate Change & Biodiversity

  • Md. Shams Uddin
    Knowledge Management Expert

      28+ Years Experience in NRM, DRR, REDD+, WASH, Forestry & Environment, M&E

  • Md. Alam Khan
    Project Manager

      23+ Years Experience in NRM, NBS, Agroforestry & Waste Management

  • Satyajit Roy
    Agroforestry & livelihood Specialist

      23+ Years Expertise in Agroforestry, FFFV, NBS & GAP, Climate Resilience Interventions

  • Md. Aowlad Hossain
    Business Development Expert

      22+ Years Experience in Agroforestry, Private Sector Development, Agri Business Value Chain

  • Md. Faysur Rahman
    Waste Management Specialist

      16+ Years Experience in Solid Waste, Faecal Sludge & WASH

  • Md. Ahsanul Wahed
    Organic Agriculture Specialist

      16+ Years Experience in Agriculture, Climate Change & Gender, DRR

  • Aleeya Tamzida
    Documantation & Publication Specialist

      15+ Year Experience in Researche Development, Publication

  • Advocate Arpita Roy
    Head of Legal

      14+ Years Experience in Land Law & Policy, Civil Law Practice

  • Khan Amir Ashraf Uddin
    Head of Finance

      18+ Years Experience in Company Law, Finance & Account

  • Shahanaj Akther
    Head of HR & Admin

      14+ years Experience in HR & Admin, Office Management

  • Md. Muntashir Rahi
    Head of IT

      10+ Years of Experience in Web & Software Development

  • Junayed Al Hasan
    Head of Sales

      10+ Years of Experience in Stratigic Decision for Development Setor

  • Nadedza Sultana Earnnick
    Head of PR & communications

      10+ Years of Experience in Public Relation & Media Communication, Advertising Agencies

  • Shariar Uddin
    Monitoring Specialist

      5+ Year Experience in Enviromental Engineering Management & Monitoring

  • Fahmida Hassin Prova
    Environmental Safegaurd Specialist

      4+ Year Experience in Environmental Safeguard & Sustainable NBS

  • Mushfiqur Rahman
    Communication Manager

      9+ Year Experience in Business Development & Operation

  • Lamia Tabassum
    Sourcing Officer, NBS

      5+ Year Experience in Development Sector

  • Mahedi Hasan Rony
    GIS & Inventory Officer

      6+ Year Experience in ArcGIS & QGIS Survey & Interpritation,

  • Mifat Nayer
    Commercial Officer

      5+ Year Experience in Private Sector Relation

  • Aminul Islam Miazi
    Livelihood Officer

      7+ Year Experience in Digital Survey & Visual Interpritation in Livelihood

  • Muhtadir Zarif Shikta
    Legal Officer

      3+ Year Experience in Legal Documentation & Practice

  • Sabrina Begum
    Admin Officer

      5+ Year Experience in Office Management, Administration

  • Mojahed Billah
    Agroforestry Officer

      5+ Year Experience in Plantation & Agroforestry Development & Maintainance

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