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The overall objective of Corporate Social Responsibility is to combine economic progress, social justice & environmental preservation. Based on its corporate social responsibility, a company can ensure that its economic growth is in compliance with the expectations & comfort of its key stakeholders including the suppliers, employees, customers and the local population, while minimising the impacts on the environment.
There is no one-size-fit-all CSR approach, based on the sector of activity, the ways of fulfilling the corporate social responsibility goals can differ from company to company. And we at The Recycle jar help the company to achieve these goals by proper planning, designing and execution of CSR campaigns. We aim to provide out of the box campaign ideas to the companies as it better serves the purpose of making a bigger impact on the community & the environment on the whole.
Whereas our technology enabled platform also comes handy for the brands to accomplish certain campaign targets requiring transparency and traceability of waste recovered & its impacts.
Campaigns Ideas
Plastic Take Back: We help brands to eliminate the plastic infused by them in the economy in the form of post-consumer plastic waste and become a planet positive brand.
Awareness Drives: Educating the community through fun activities, nukkad natak or any other innovative ways to involve them in helping the corporate citizens to reach Brands ultimate sustainability goal.
Social Inclusion of waste pickers: We serve in proficiently allocating the monetary contributions extended by the brands for the well being and better livelihood opportunities of the informal sector workers to make them one of the more decent corporate citizens out there.
Clean up Drives: We conduct clean up drives on behalf of the brands to establish its green image and also help in connecting with the local community.
Tree Plantation: Building brand image by taking up initiatives like Tree plantation. Thus, help in engaging with the community in an eco-friendly way and form a loyal customer base.
Our Prospective Clients
Corporate Establishments
Private Businesses
Social organisations
Key Benefits
Brand Identity: Improved brand identity.
Compliance: Being compliant with various laws & regulations.
Innovation: Encourage innovations.
Ethicality: Defining ethical business practices.
Your Impacts & Contribution
Reduced brand’s damaging effects on the environment by practising green CSR.
Informal Sector
Improved well being of the informal sector workers through social inclusion and better livelihood opportunities.
The shared value enjoyed by the stakeholders gives them reason to remain engaged with the brands in the long run.
By exercising vehicle scrapping the old vehicles are removed from the streets, thus resulting in a reduced number of road accidents.
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