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EPR Service

Extended Producer Responsibility also known as EPR is an obligation imposed on Producers, Importers and Brand owners in which they stand responsible for the collection & recycling of the plastic waste they introduce in the market through their products, as per the Plastic Waste Management rules 2016.
At The Recycle jar, we help you fulfil your EPR obligation from collection to recycling and the right disposal of the plastic waste as per targets with The Recycle jar’s effective & efficient EPR compliance that is digitised through its technology enabled platform enhancing your easy control over the whole process as you enjoy transparency & traceability.
As we continue to witness a technology evolving world, consumers want brands that are environmentally conscious, however abiding by EPR obligations does not only help you in better brand recognition but also re-establishes the fundamental values of an organisation as the total amount of plastic used in packaging is diverted from landfills to recycling centres marking a huge impact.
What We Do?
Auditing: We conduct audits & plan your EPR fulfilment process by examining your total production quantity & type of plastic used for packaging, measure the achievability, mark targets, study challenges while unlocking easy solutions.
Assisting: We provide you assistance with all the legal documentation requirements to initiate the EPR fulfilment process.
Collection: Our resource partners collect the targeted post consumer waste from multiple sources within the agreed geographical boundaries.
Recycling: Collected post-consumer waste is segregated, cleaned, baled & transported to registered recyclers.
Co-Processing: Non-recyclable plastic is sent for co-processing in cement kilns, road construction and infrastructure building.
Certification: An EPR certificate is issued along with a proof of document delivery challans, invoices and photos acknowledging the amount of plastic waste offset by you.
Our Prospective Clients
Brand Owners
Key Benefits
Digitization: Get digitised solutions.
Circularity: Fulfil social responsibility and help establish a circular economy.
Transparency: Electronic report transparency.
Scalability: Achieve scalability of plastic waste collection through our sizable network of waste pickers of the informal sector.
Traceability: End-to-end traceability of your Impact.
Your Impacts & Contribution
Waste is diverted from landfills through recycling & right disposal of waste, resulting in reduced green gas emission and other pollutants that harms the environment.
Your Business
Existing in compliance with the government rules & business ethics.
Informal Sector
Waste pickers employed & encouraged to collect plastic packaging waste for better income and livelihood opportunity.
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