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Shredding Service

Recycle Jar provides a secure and cost-effective way to get rid of your personal and business confidential documents that are no longer useful but possess huge risk. Tossing them into the waste bins, just like that, can’t be an option, and locking them up somewhere in the office or study takes away a whole lot of storage space and peace of mind.
The shredding process at The Recycle Jar is quite swift and is guardedly handled by our highly-trained specialists using the ultra-modern technology through which the documents are reduced into thin strips or pulped. This helps us secure confidentiality, plus encourage hassle-free transportation of the pulp to the recycling facility, and aid a more consistent and eco-friendly recycling.
Apart from the documents, The Recycle Jar also takes care of the packaging materials and hoardings; the flag bearer of a brand’s identity and reputation, which need to be securely disposed of as well.
The raw material acquired in the shredding process can be re-introduced into our manufacturing cycle, thus helping in the reduction of over harvesting of the natural resources as well as of our imports.
How We Work
Collection: We provide a digitised platform through ‘The Recycle Jar’ app to streamline pick-up on your scheduled date & time.
Inspection: Our Dedicated Executive assigned arrives at the location on your desired schedule and collects the documents after accurate weighing & inspection.
Payment: Instant Payment is given as per the current paper rate displayed on our app minus the shredding charges.
Shredding: A specialised team undertakes a supervised shredding at The Recycle Jar warehouse to restrain any information breeches. On client’s request, we even share the in-process shredding photographs for transparency.
Certification: A certificate of destruction is issued confirming that your material has been securely destroyed, with all the relevant details mentioned pertaining to your shredding service.
Our Prospective Clients
Start ups
Private Businesses
Key Benefits
Digitization: Receive end-to-end digitised support.
Security: Secure confidentiality of your documents.
Instant Payments: Get instant payment after accurate weighing of your material.
Transparency: Ensure transparency & traceability.
Your Impacts & Contribution
Channelising waste to recycling. Thereby, saving resources and the environment as a whole.
Your Business
Ensuring secure disposal of the confidential documents.
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